What IS a WaterMark?

Just What IS a WaterMark?

Have you ever held a fine piece of paper up to the light and noticed an image that
appears to float on the sheet? It was transparent. It was a Watermark.

That’s what a Chicago WaterMark is. An image that is not printed on the paper, rather one that is embedded into the paper.

We use a chemical process that changes the structure of the paper. Chemistry is applied to a die (your image) and the die impregnates the paper with a translucent image that is nearly identical to a watermark created when the paper mill manufactures the paper.

Compare the paper mill watermark with the Chicago Watermark. Request Samples. You’ll quickly see that both marks look the same.

You CAN NOT DUPLICATE YOUR Custom WaterMark by computer, scanner, copier, printer, or any other method or computer program, except by ordering custom watermarked paper from a paper mill or using our patented licensed process.

The image is translucent, which means that when you hold the paper up to the light, you can see the image through the paper. Your document is practically forgery-proof. Remember NOTHING is TOTALLY Counterfeit proof — Think Money! But this about as close as it gets. You need special equipment and chemicals to recreate a true WaterMark.

Your watermarked paper is friendly to your copier, your deskjet printer and your laser printer. Of course it is also perfectly suitable for printing, thermography (raised printing) and engraving.