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Certificate of Origin Order Sheet

How does this work? 1. You fill out this form 2. You will either send us your Logo for your WaterMark OR you will select one of our standard designs that will include your company name.  Send your logo to: Don@ChicagoWaterMark.com 3. We send you an Email Proof. 4. You approve/correct the proof and CALL US to pay for your order by credit card. (We don’t take this information on the internet for your safety and protection. 5. We ship your order by Ground FedEx in 8 working days or on your desk in 5 days for a $90.00 extra charge. (For expedited service, your first 100 sheets will arrive in 5 days, the balance of your order will ship by FedEx ground.) After you click “Submit” you will see another page that says: “Thanks for you order”. < Back to Certificates of Origin page