Your Guarantee


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We want you to be happy with your WaterMarked Paper. We guarantee that the final product that you receive will match or exceed the proof samples that you have approved in advance.


If you detect a problem, notify us within 5 days of receipt of your order for instructions on how to return the paper. The ENTIRE order must be returned to us. We will replace any damaged/inferior paper at our expense. Of course we’ll pick up the tab for the shipping – both ways.
FOR LARGER QUANTITY ORDERS: We don’t want you to have to inspect  every box in the shipment. If the first box is fine, OK. If you find defective paper as you use up your supply, NOT TO WORRY. We’ll cover that.   Mistakes happen.


Please Note: You MUST approve by email the actual WaterMarked paper samples (about ten sheets) that we ship to you before we produce the entire order.


Your approval of the samples is our authorization to proceed with your order. Sorry, but there are no cancellations on custom WaterMarked paper once you have approved the samples of your completed paper  (proof sheets) that we shipped to you.


I’m like you.  I don’t want to pay for junk………. Don.


Contact Us


Don Brunke
Chicago WaterMark Company


Why don’t we show our address? Because we manufacture VERY high secure paper
and the fewer people who know where we do this, the safer YOUR paper is.


Our Sample kit and other material contains our New York address.
Learn more?…….Just call toll free 888-292-8376