STARSecure (Hidden Message) PAPER

Very Secure Paper

First there’s Money!
And then there’s our paper!

The Most Secure paper you can buy….at a reasonable cost.

Your OWN Custom WaterMark on every sheet!




3 PAPERS TO CHOOSE FROM: “VOID” or “COPY” or your own special message.

Minimum quantity of 20,000 sheets for your Special Message.

(VOID or COPY appears on any copy or scan that is made)
Remember, NOTHING is TOTALLY counterfeit proof — Think Money!


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7 MAJOR Security Features


    1. 1.   YOUR CUSTOM WATERMARK – The most secure part of your paper is your Custom WaterMark! It’s indelible. We embed your Logo, Seal, Signature, whatever into the fibers of the paper. It’s transparent. It’s visible from both sides of the paper. Hold it up to the light to verify. You CAN NOT duplicate YOUR WaterMark by computer, copier, scanner, camera or even a printing press. EVEN your local printer can’t replicate your Custom WaterMark.


2. HIDDEN ANTI-COUNTERFEIT MESSAGE- Attempts to COPY or SCAN or PHOTOGRAPH your paper will result in the words VOID of COPY appearing across the sheet. Your custom message can replace  the hidden message “VOID or COPY”, but there’s a minimum quantity of 20,000 sheets.


What’s a “HIDDEN MESSAGE?  We bury the  word “VOID” or “COPY” or Your Custom Message in a lot of very fine dots and dashes created with an algorithm on the sheet with a very LARGE printing press.  Now the HIDDEN words “VOID / COPY” are invesible to the naked eye, but can be “SEEN: by copiers, scanners and cameras.  (See the disclaimer below — after all, NOTHING is TOTALLY counterfeit proof)


3.   FORGERY PROOF * – Your Custom WaterMark is Forgery Proof.* It CAN’T be copied, scanned, or digitally photographed. Within reason.


4.   ANTI-TAMPERING PROTECTION –  Attempts to erase, or chemically change your information will result in a STAIN.  Instant verification that your paper has been tampered with.


5.  CHEMICALLY TAGEED FOR IDENTIFICATION – Part of the hidden message contains our initials. Additional protection that proves that ONLY WE produced your paper.  (There are a LOT of counterfeiters out there, and they’re just not only making fake money!)  Instantly verify that the paper came from us.


6. RANDOM TREADS – Revolutionary Technology has replaced  outdated “invisible threads”   with Fine white
tread mark lines that are impossible to replicate.  Instantly verifiable.


7.  STARSecure
EXCLUSIVE WITH OUR PAPER ONLY: Counterfeiters try to eliminate the “hidden message” security feature by making the copy “lighter” using the light/dark contrast buttons on a copier or scanner. We’ve added a special  white CIRCLE and STAR into the paper that DISAPPEARS when attempts are made to lighten the copy.


This is what happens when you try to copy or scan or digitally photograph this paper

  • beforescan


  • beforescan

    Copy or Scan


Click on the images to enlarge them.


AND….Your Custom WaterMark CAN NOT be copied, scanned or
digitally photographed.
It can’t even be duplicated by your local printer.

That’s why we call this STARSecure paper!



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You can use our standard “VOID” or “COPY” message or create you own special wording for the ultimate in security. For added protection every other line carries our distinct identification wording.                                                  There is a minimum order of 20,000 sheets if you prefer a “hidden message” other than VOID or COPY.




STARSecure Paper Prices (Hidden message AND your Custom WaterMark)



Every Order includes:
10 Proof Samples for your approval before we produce your order.
Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
FREE SHIPPING within the Continental United States.

QUANTITYHidden Message on
One Side only
8.5 x 11
500 Sheets$ 230.00
1,000 Sheets$ 275.00
2,000 Sheets$ 480.00
3,000 Sheets$ 690.00
5,000 Sheets$ 990.00
10,000 Sheets$ 1850.00

Larger Quantities at a Discount. Call 888-292-8376 for more prices.


For added security and control, we can number your sheets.
Choose from 21 different type styles, any size number, any color ink, anywhere on the sheet. CLICK HERE TO SEE NUMBERING SAMPLES.


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IMPORTANT: Copier and scanner technology changes on a daily basis, and we go to great lengths to adjust our paper qualities to accommodate those changes. However NO paper is 100% safe against ALL copiers and scanners. (Think MONEY)  We make no represen

tation that our papers will defeat every copier, camera or scanner in existence.
Now your WaterMark is a Different Matter!   Your Custom WaterMark CAN NOT be Scanned, Printed, Copied,
or Recreated using a printing press or a Computer.