Your Logo

Your Logo

Everything you need to know
to make your WaterMarked sheet perfect.

What’s a Logo?
It’s a distinctive mark that’s been designed just for you. You might already have a logo or trademark. If so, then you should use that image for your watermark. If you don’t have a logo, we can help you design one. See our sample page of logos. Or you can design one on your own.

Does the Logo have to be a certain size?
WaterMarks work well when they are no larger than 4 inches square. Much smaller than that and you won’t see the detail. We can create a WaterMark that is larger but it sometimes overtakes the sheet.
This is fine for a WaterMark that you really want to stand out. A security logo might be much larger than a personal logo.

What about fine lines? Pictures?
There are limits to what can be WaterMarked. Really fine lines can’t be seen in the paper. We’ll help you determine the right size and look of your watermark. Pictures can not be used because of the intricate design. It just won’t show. It’ll smudge. Please click here to get specific information about the type of file we need to create a perfect WaterMark.

How do I get my Logo to you?
If you have your logo on your computer, you can send it electronically. We need to receive a .tiff file or an .eps file. Sometimes a PDF file will work too. A .jpeg file is not clear enough. Your WaterMark will look fuzzy. We’ll help you send us the file Please click here to get specific information

If you only have a black and white copy of your logo, you’ll need to send it to us by snail mail. We need a good clean sharp black and white copy at least 2 inches high. SEND 2 COPIES!

You don’t have anything? Well, we’ll help you select a design that works.

What if I want something really special?
Then you will need to go to your local graphic designer and have them create one for you. But you should have them contact us BEFORE they do any designing, because if the design doesn’t WaterMark properly, you’re out of luck. The WaterMarking process has limitations. Check with us first to be sure.

What about using my organization’s logo?
You have to give us written permission to use the logo that you submit. That permission will hold us harmless for any copyright infringement. We may require a letter from the organization authorizing the logo’s use. We take our security very seriously and will protect your logo from being used illegally.

Can I have my logo plate?
We do not release these plates to our customers. They are very fragile and if they get damaged (which oftentimes won’t be visible), they’re useless. We don’t want to get into an argument about who’s responsible for the plate. If we keep it, then you can be sure that you will have a perfect WaterMark every time you order. Upon written request we will destroy the plate and send the pieces to you. Of course then you have to pay for another setup the next time you order.

Where can my logo appear on the sheet?
We can place your logo anywhere on the sheet. Generally it’s placed just above dead center on the paper. But you can also integrate your logo into your printed copy on the letterhead. Talk to us about this unique feature.