Transcript Paper
for Homeschools

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Your Homeschool Transcript paper is the same paper used by
Public and Private schools throughout the country.


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An indelible Genuine WaterMark adds prestige to your school while protecting against duplication and counterfeiting.
Choose from two themes. Secular or Christian.
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A navy blue border.


Your Transcript paper is light blue on the front and white on the back. This combination is necessary so that the anti-copying and change protection security features work. This is the same color and texture paper used by thousands of schools. It’s the Standard for transcript paper.


Anti-Copying feature. When attempts are made to copy or scan your transcript the word “VOID” appears throughout the sheet.
(Remember that NOTHING is Totally counterfeit proof – Think MONEY! Learn more about this below.)


Change Protection. When attempts are made to erase or change your information, a stain appears.


Warning messages are printed in the border to alert Registrars and Employers to check for the authenticity of your transcript, demonstrating that we take your transcripts seriously.


The Custom WaterMark CAN NOT be scanned, copied, or duplicated by a printing press. The image is indelible and transparent. You can see the WaterMark from both sides.


SMALL QUANTITIES – 10 sheet minimum. Choose one theme or both.




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IMPORTANT: Copier and scanner technology changes on a daily basis, and we go to great lengths to adjust our paper qualities to accommodate those changes. However NO paper is 100% safe against ALL copiers and scanners. (Think MONEY) We make no representation that our papers will defeat every copier and scanner.
It can NOT be copied, scanned, recreated on a computer or printed on a printing press. It’s part of the paper.