Transcript Paper. . .

This is the MOST Secure paper you can buy at a reasonable cost.

Your Custom WaterMark on your transcripts will make your original virtually impossible to forge or counterfeit.
(Nothing is totally counterfeit proof — Think Money!
But this is about as close as it gets at a VERY reasonable cost.)


                Your Custom WaterMark CAN NOT be scanned, copied, or duplicated by a printing press. The image is indelible and transparent. You can see the WaterMark from both sides.



And it’s Prestigious!

After all, this is your REPUTATION.

Other Schools, Institutions, Financial Services, and Employers view your Transcript sheet as a verification of your integrity and reputation.

Forging a non-secure Transcript is literally child’s play!




Instant Authentication!
Hold your transcript up to the light to see your WaterMark.
You can use your own seal or logo for your WaterMark.
Any Design, Any Type, Anywhere on the Sheet!  (We’ll help you with this.)



The Ultimate anti-copy paper.

When you add our “hidden message” safety feature, you prevent copies from being made. We imprint a special hidden message — VOID — into the sheet. It’s not visible to the naked eye, but designed so that the optics from copiers and scanners display the message. A VERY effective way to eliminate unauthorized copies. *


EXCLUSIVE WITH OUR PAPER ONLY: Counterfeiters try to eliminate the “hidden message” security feature by making the copy “lighter” using the light/dark contrast buttons on a copier or scanner. We’ve added a special  white CIRCLE and STAR into the paper that DISAPPEARS when attempts are made to lighten the copy.
             An INSTANT ALERT to detect tampering.


(Click Here for more Information about our STARSecure Transcript Paper)

Your Custom WaterMark on our exclusive STARSecure Paper is the MOST EFFECTIVE Security Paper available at a reasonable cost.


Choose from . . . .


11 Different Paper Colors. White (3 shades) , Ivory, Cream, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, our STARScure (VOID) paper and Imported Elegant Card Stock for your certificates.


6  Different Papers &  Textures. Linen, Super Smooth, Basketweave, Rag Content, Bond paper and our heavyweight Italian Hand Made card stock, with a satin-touch finish and a noticeable fibre.  Some papers are recyled and archival (acid free).


5  Different Papers Weights. 20# paper, 24# paper, 28# which is about the thickness of 2 sheets of standard copier paper, 32# which is about as thick as 3 sheets of copier paper sheets and our Heavyweight Italian Hand Made Card stock, with a satin-touch finish and a noticeable fibre–Very Elegant!


Select our SuperSecure paper with our Exclusive hidden message “VOID” or “COPY” that appears when attempts are made to “copy” your Certificate using a copier, or scanner, or camera.(See More Information)


Any Color Border. Transcripts look more professional when they contain a color border that bleeds off the edge of the sheet. You can choose from hundreds of colors. We’ll print your school name at the top and special warning messages on the sides and a reminder that the legend is on the back. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE BORDER.


Printing on the Front. You can add your signature or your school name and address at the top at no extra charge when we print your border.


Legend Printing.  The back side of your transcript contains your legend, which is an explanation of your grading system, your Affiliation or Accreditation, the Federal Privacy Act, and finally security information so the authenticators will know what to look for to verify that the transcript is authentic. We can help you with this. We’ve got samples of transcripts from other schools (names redacted, of course), infomration on the FIRPA (Privacy) Act, and suggestions for the Security wording that protects your reputation


Number your Transcripts. Choose from 21 different type styles. Print the number in color or black ink. (See Samples)


Economical. Small or Large Quantities. As few as 250 sheets.


Your OWN Logo or Seal .  We can WaterMark any image (line drawing, sorry photographs don’t work), seal, mascot logo….whatever.  We’ll help you with this. (See more information about what type of file is best to send us.


Alteration of information Deterrent.  STARSecure paper contains a Chemical Deterrent that defeats attempts to change the information you enter on the transcript sheet. A Stain appears when tampered.


Signature Protection. Available on our STARSecure paper.


Exclusivity.  Only YOU control your WaterMark. No one else has your image.


Expedited Service.  Delivered when you need them.


FREE SHIPPING.  As always, never a shipping charge within the continental United States. Elsewhere, there’s a small shipping charge.


NO Sales Tax.  (Except for NY purchases.


Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Our Famous 100% Customer Service Guarantee. (More information)



(Printing on the front or back is at an additional charge. See below.)
Paper Type500 Sheets1000 Sheets2000 Sheets
See Sample
6 security features
Basketweave, or Linen, or 28# Chicago Classic papers.
8 paper colors
32# HeavyWeight ChicagoClassic.
2 paper colors
FREE SHIPPING – NO SALES TAX      (Except NY Purchases)


Printing (Optional)500 Sheets1000 Sheets2000 Sheets
FULL BLEED BORDER on the front This border prints right to the edge of the sheet.$135.00$185.00$250.00
Formatting and typesetting of your information. Printed in black ink.

Print your legend in COLORED ink.


$ 175.00

We’ll help you with this.

Get your FREE Sample Kit

IMPORTANT: Copier and scanner technology changes on a daily basis, and we go to great lengths to adjust our paper qualities to accommodate those changes. However NO paper is 100% safe against ALL copiers and scanners. (Think MONEY) We make no representation that our papers will defeat every copier and scanner.
It can NOT be copied, scanned, recreated on a computer or printed on a printing press. It’s part of the paper.